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  • Q. Do you take enrolments midway through the year?


     Based on availability, yes we do.

  • Q. What is the minimum number of 2 Year Old Pre-Kinder sessions I must enrol my child into?


     Children must be enrolled into a minimum of two Pre-Kinder sessions per week. For many children, coming to Bubbles Pre-School will be their first time being away from their parents. Our teachers strongly recommend that children attend at least two sessions of Pre-Kinder per week so that they are familiar and comfortable with their teachers, surroundings and the program routine. A week is a very long time in the life of a toddler and frequency can greatly enhance their confidence, sense of trust and ability to enjoy and participate in their group.

  • Q. Does Bubbles Pre-School qualify to offer the Child Care Rebate?


     No, as we are not a provider of long day child care (8 continuous hours per day) we do not qualify.

  • Q. How old does my child need to be to start Pre-Kinder, 3 Year Old or 4 Year Old Kinder?


     Pre-Kinder Program: children must turn 2 years old by 31 March of the commencement year.

    3 Year Old Kinder Program: children must turn 3 years old by 31 March of the commencement year.

    4 Year Old Kinder Program: children must have turned 4 years old by 31 March of the commencement year.

  • Q. What if my child needs to do an additional year of 4 Year Old Kinder. Is this possible?


     Yes, if your child is not ready for 4 Year Old Kinder or School and would benefit from an additional year of 3 or 4 Year Old Kinder you may elect to do this. Our 3 and 4 Year Old Kinder programs are exceptionally rich in content and offer a structured learning environment that will assist your child in preparing for their next phase. 

  • Q. When can I tour Bubbles Pre-School?


     Please call us to make a time that is mutually convenient.