"Nine tenths of education is encouragement."

Anatole France


Pre-School is your child’s first experience of formal learning – our job is to make it an amazing and positive one!

The teachers’ primary focus during these years is to ensure that all programs embrace each child’s natural curiosity. We encourage their questions about their world. We investigate these by planning learning scenarios that present meaningful answers, often leading on to more questions. Acknowledging a child’s observations is crucial as it confirms that their thoughts and ideas are important and heard. Nurturing a child’s innately inquisitive nature in this way can cement a love of learning.

Children learn in many different ways. For example, children may respond visually, physically, audibly or any combination of these styles. Our mission is to find out how each child learns best and to offer them a wide variety of experiences and stimuli. It is of utmost importance that our teaching is relevant and useful in order to foster and develop each child’s natural desire to explore and understand.